FRIGG Fairytale Pacifiers

Renowned Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and his timeless fairy tales captivate audiences for a reason. While primarily intended for children, his stories offer profound insights into human psychology that resonate with adults. Often drawing from his own experiences, Andersen’s work subtly critiques societal inequality and status quo.

Beyond their enchanting narratives, Andersen’s fairy tales convey profound moral lessons through their characters. They entertain on the surface and provoke deeper reflection, making them relevant and engaging for both young and old alike.

Reading Andersen’s fairy tales aloud fosters a special bond between parents and children while also fostering a universal language that connects people worldwide. These tales, imbued with timelessness, offer layers of meaning accessible to all.

FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers are available in two sizes:

Size 1: Fairytale pacifier nipple measures 27 mm and is recommended for ages 0-6 months.

Size 2: Fairytale pacifier nipple measures 30 mm and is recommended for ages 6-18 months.

FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers are offered with a nipple in medical-grade silicone and natural rubber.

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